Microsoft ups free WP7 app limit from 5 to 100

In what might look to some like a desperate attempt to boost the quantity of Windows Phone 7 apps rather than the quality, Microsoft has told developers that they can now submit more free apps.

Coders were told in the Windows Phone Marketplace Developer Newsletter that they could now offer as many as 100 free apps, something of a jump from the previously-allowed five.

“During the past months we have been working hard to improve our overall Windows Phone Marketplace experience based on the feedback we received from you and our partners," said the newsletter. "We heard from many of you that you wanted a higher limit on the maximum number of free apps you could submit for free. We’ve heard you and are pleased to announce that we've increased that limit from 5 to 100."

Microsoft reckons the move will boost the quality of cheaper paid apps. We reckon the only thing it will boost is the amount of time you will waste sorting through the huge piles of digital garbage, fart apps and soft-core bikini porn in order to find the few free gems on offer, much like the iTunes App Store.