New MacBook Pro 2011 gets teardown treatment

It's enough to make an Apple fanboy weep, but iFixit has gone out and bought a brand new 15-inch MaBook Pro 2011 and pulled it to bits.

According to the spudger-wielding nutcases at the gadget repair web-site, the MacBook gives up its secrets a lot easier than some Apple hardware, forsaking the irritating panatlobe screws it sometimes favours for good old Philips jobs.

Much of the internal gubbins, and the new SKU's unibody aluminium chassis, is much the same as the previous iteration, and the battery is held down with tricky tri-wing screws a tool for which may not be in your average toolbox.

iFixit notes that the 'non-removable' battery can be disconnected without actually pulling it out, which makes the kind of repairs and upgrades Apple really doesn't want you doing that little bit easier.

The model also has four antennas rather than the previous three, although Apple hasn't been crowing about better Wi-Fi performance.

We don't want to steal all of iFixit's thunder and recommend you wander over there for the full teardown, but we will point out that the site's engineers expressed some worrying concerns over quality control, including an issue with an unlocked ZIF cover, at least one cross-threaded screw, and "absurd" amounts of thermal paste.

Doesn't sound very Apple at all, does it?