New Oxford Dictionary Entries Include: Bloggable, Sexting and Tbh

Popular internet words like 'Bloggable' and 'scareware' have made their way into the Oxford Dictionaries Online thanks to the influence social media and mobile technology is having on people's language.

Some of the new entries to the lexicon include 'buttload', which means a large amount, 'onliner', a person who uses the internet, 'trackpad', a type of computer touchpad, 'cyberbullying', 'cybersecurity' and 'feature phone'.

Experts with Oxford Dictionaries Online believe that the impact of the internet on the English language was significantly increasing and that the rapid technology development was resulting in the creation of new products and services that required additions to the language.

Gabby Fletcher, a spokeswoman for Oxford Dictionaries Online, said in a statement, “The rapid development of technology creates multiple new products, services, and functionalities, which all need new terms to describe them.”

“We are also seeing the very fast circulation of new vocabulary on a global basis, with the expansion of social media.” she added.

An increase in the use of mobile phones has also given rise to some acronyms finding a place in the dictionary, with words such as “tbh” (short for ‘to be honest’) included. Other terms stemming from texting like “fnarr fnarr” (sniggering) and sexting have also been put in the updated version.