No Retina Display or SD Card Reader For Apple iPad 2

John Gruber from Daring Fireball has rebuked Josh Topolsky of Engadget saying that nothing has changed in the Apple iPad 2 since the beginning of the year although Engadget says that Apple had decided to change the specifications at the eleventh hour.

In a post entitled "The Eleventh Hour", the respected Apple analyst stresed that there was never going to be a higher resolution display for the iPad 2 or an SD card slot before adding that anyone who provided Engadget with details over a super high resolution display for their 14th January article was wrong.

Apple did change specifications at the last minute once before in 2009 when the company removed the camera from the iPod Touch only to get it back in the 2010 edition. Gruber added that Apple's products are normally stable at least 60 days before release, something we saw with the iPhone 4 prototype.

The second iPad is likely to be thinner than the first one - thanks to an improved display - with newer hardware; expect a Qualcomm baseband chip, the new Apple A5 processor, more memory and at least one camera plus iOS 4.3 operating system.

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