Price Of Samsung Galaxy Tab Drops To £350

Carphone Warehouse has slashed the price fo the Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet to a mere £350 and is throwing in a number of goodies to entice customers although there's a big string attached.

It is still difficult to believe that the Tab, which was launched back in September, had a suggested retail price of £800 but saw its price slashed to under £300 (when bought instore at HMV).

The current deal involves signing for a two year contract with Talkmobile Mobile Broadband, which costs £20.43 per month, gives you 1GB data allowance, a free Samsung keyboard dock and a free upgrade to 32GB memory (in other words, you get a free 16GB microSD card).

Then, Samsung is sweetening the pill by throwing in an entertainment package worth £200 which includes 50 MP3 tracks, 15 movies, seven games and five eBooks.

Since its launch six months ago, Samsung has launched another tablet, a 10-inch model, which provides some serious improvement to the 7-inch tablet and there are rumours that a 8.9-inch version will be available soon.

The original Galaxy Tab came with a 1GHz processor, 512MB memory, 16GB onboard memory, 3G capabilities (you can make calls and send texts), Wi-Fi, a front facing and a rear facing camera, a microSD card and Android 2.2

As highlighted a while back, the Galaxy Tab is essentially a bigger version of the Samsung Galaxy S smartphone but paradoxically costs less than its smaller sibling.