Report Sees Large Scale Adoption Of Cloud Computing In Property Sector

Cloud computing will see wide scale adoption by property companies in the near future, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has said following a recent study.

The leading professional body sees that utilization of the technology will allow companies to forego the tedious tasks of managing and maintaining servers in-house.

The study conducted by RICS suggested that property companies would move to cloud computing after being under pressure to reduce costs. A cloud computing infrastructure could significantly reduce the IT costs and let companies take advantage of remote access to applications and data when advising clients.

The report, titled 'The Role of Cloud Computing in Commercial Property', advised that cloud computing could improve the cost profile for IT in real estate companies, increase the demand for IT equipment, like data centres, and create a flexible working environment.

Andrew Waller, spokesperson for Rics, said in a statement, “The impending impact of businesses adopting the Cloud will be far reaching for the property profession. Organisations that choose to adopt these virtual IT systems will be able to reduce their running costs and smaller businesses will be able to access systems which would, otherwise, have been beyond their financial means.”