Samsung ready to dump Intel from tellies

Samsung Electronics, the world's largest maker of televisions, is ready to shun Intel's Atom as a basis for connected TVs and go for its own chips instead, according to a un-named source.

Samsung had been mulling the use of GoogleTV software and has decided it suits its purpose as its based on Android, which is quite at home running on the ARM-based chips Samsung churns out by the trailer load. This will enable the company to avoid Intel's Atom chips, the blabbermouth apparently told Bloomberg.

Intel is keen to push its Atom chip as a cornerstone of its Digital Home initiative, which would see the processor squeezed into such devices as Internet-equipped TVs or set-top boxes, and eventually into fridges, ovens, home security systems and kettles.

Unfortunately for the world's most powerful chip maker, there's plenty of competition in the low-power niche, notably from Brit chip designer ARM which cut its teeth designing the chips powering the majority of mobile phones on the planet.

The advantage of ARM over Intel for Samsung is that fact it can build its own ARM chips and cut its costs - it'll bung a few bob at ARM in licensing costs rather than pay Intel the hefty margin it expects for its x86-based designs.

Neither Intel nor Samsung could be persuaded to discuss the matter on the record.