UK games trade organisations fail to merge

Talks about a merger between two organisations which represent the UK games industry have broken down.

The Association for UK Interactive Entertainment (UKIE) and the Independent Games Developers Association (TIGA) were in negotiations about joining forces to fight in the corner of beleaguered UK game houses facing fierce competition from abroad.

TIGA, which represents game developers and has been lobbying the UK government for years over tax breaks for the gaming industry is said to have unplugged its controller and gone home for its tea first.

"TIGA and its board would like to make it clear that we have no plans to merge with any other organisation," a spokesman said. “We do not see value in distracting ourselves with talks towards such an end while the games industry faces pressing matters including Games Tax Relief, R&D tax credits, improving access to finance, migration policy, education and skills and IP."

Rumour has it that TIGA's support of independent developers was seen to be incompatible with the UKIEs focus on large publishing houses, causing the rift.

Or it could just be that Culture Minister Ed Vaisey was keen on the mash-up which is enough to make anyone reconsider the wisdom of the move.