Updated Apple Photo Booth For iOS Platform Planned

Apple is planning to bring its popular photo-taking application Photo Booth to iOS devices, on the evidence of a recent patent application.

According to patent documents unearthed by Patently Apple, the new iOS version of the Photo Booth software will let users shake the device to alter a recently taken image.

The tool will also come with the usual Photo Booth features like X-Ray, Glow, or Thermal Effects as well as some new effects like 'Nightvision'.

The patents reveal that the Image Effect options on the iOS version of the device are located beneath the Wallpaper option on the settings tab. The tool also allows users to add sound and motion to the images like ripples, waves and brush strokes.

Kelvin Chiu and Aram Lindahl have been credited by Apple for inventing the features on the patent. The application was published in February 2011, though it was originally filed as early as 2009. Diagrams from the patent document can be seen on the Patently Apple website.

Rumours about the software have been doing rounds since January, with developers suggesting that it appeared in the early beta versions of iOS 4.3. However, despite the rumors, this is the first time that concrete evidence about the device has come to light.