Linkedin blocked from China

The not-social-more-like-business-profile-building site, LinkedIn has been partially blocked in China, according to the company.

LinkedIn said it is still investigating the blockage and Chinese authorities have not confirmed any tampering with the wires, but the site is inaccessible in some parts of China.

"We can confirm that access to LinkedIn is being blocked for some in China," a LinkedIn spokesman said. "This appears to be part of a broader effort in China going on right now, involving other sites as well."

Chinese authorities are clamping down on Internet discussions of events in the Middle East, just in case the country's oversize population gets any big ideas about overthrowing authoritarian regimes

Chinese users set up a forum to promote discussion of a "Jasmine Revolution" which seems to have kicked off the shenanigans. Pro-democracy demonstrations were reported across China last weekend, prompting the somewhat feeble hope that might overthrow its leadership as Egypt and Tunisia managed to.

We came across a Linked-in group called Jasmine Voice which discusses the prospect of a further Chinese revolution. "The revolution here means turn the Chinese political system into multi-party democratic election and separation of the three powers. Who need this?" wrote group founder 'Jasmine J' in a rambling post on the topic.