Apple iPhone 5 Digitizer Shows 4-inch Screen

Apple could well surprise everyone and release an iPhone 5 smartphone with a bigger screen; and to support this rumour, the photo of what seems to be an iPhone 5 digitizer panel has surfaced online.

Ideas china published published a single photo which shows the component; it appears to stick to the design on the iPhone 4 but the bezel around the right and left of the screen panel appears to be extremely thin while the top and bottom are smaller than usual.

This could mean that the iPhone 5 will have a four-inch screen and potentially the first HD ready screen amongst the superphones on the market, should Apple decide to stick to the Retina Display technology.

Reports of a 4-inch iPhone 5 emerged two weeks ago and we then suggested that a HD-ready screen might mean the death of the home button.

However, the cutout on the digitizer shows a home button; some however have noted that the edge of the screens appear to be slanted with one person pointing to the fact that the image has been retouched using Adobe CS2.

An iPhone 5 with a 4-inch touchscreen sure sounds interesting although we doubt it will be done without a corresponding jump in screen resolution.