Google Says No To UK Youtube On Demand Movie Service

Google has denied having any plans to roll out a movie rental service outside the US based on Youtube and which would initially come to the UK before being expanded to mainland Europe.

A spokesperson for Youtube UK told Paidcontent that “Today, YouTube is focused on building out and improving its current US-based rental offering. While we aim to always push all of our products out globally to our community, we have no plans to launch a European rentals service in the near future.”

That conflicts with a report from the NY Post that suggested the opposite. The rumour comes after Amazon announced the launch of Amazon Instant Video, a free video on demand service for Prime customers last week and the acquisition of Lovefilm by Amazon earlier this month.

Youtube launched movie rentals in the United States back in January 2010 and introduced a number of free to stream movies and TV shows as well that are more of a competition to BBC's VoD service than established players like Lovefilm.

As Paidcontent puts it though, that doesn't mean that Youtube is not trying. But shedding its image of bad boy within the film industry might take a tad longer than what some might expect.