Motorola sues TiVo in digital recording spat

Motorola Mobility Holdings has filed a patent lawsuit against TV recording outfit TiVo, claiming it owns the rights to the digital-video recording technology used in in the company's 'time warp' devices.

Filed in the federal court in Texarkana, Texas, the suit is a counter claim against TiVo in response to a claim filed in 2009 in which Tivo accused Motorola's customer Verizon Communications of infringing its own digital recording technology in its set-top boxes.

Motorola Mobility claims its General Instrument subsidiary "owns multiple patents that disclose and claim fundamental ifundamental inventions related to digital video recorders which are now ubiquitous in American households.

"These fundamental DVR patents include patents for inventions from the mid 1990s by a group of former General Instrument engineers who went on to found Imedia Corporation (“Imedia”). General Instrument subsequently acquired all of the assets of Imedia, including the Imedia DVR pa tents, " it reads.

According to Motorola: "The Imedia Patents were filed with the Patent Office beginning in April 1995.More than two years later, TiVo was founded and began to develop a DVR product."

Motorola Mobility - which was spun off from the Motorola parent company in January - said Verizon is pushing it to speak up against TiVo on its behalf, since Verizon's boxes are based on Motorola technology.

The patent, which you can read here, refers specifically to United States Patent Nos. 5,949,948, 26,304,714, and 6,356,708.