Samsung Galaxy S II Still Nearly Twice Price of Galaxy S

Nearly one year after the launch of the Galaxy S, Samsung is going to offer the Galaxy S II for sale in the UK for as much as £650, which is nearly twice as expensive as the smartphone it is replacing.

Over the past few weeks, the price of the Galaxy S has been slashed by a number of online retailers as Samsung clears out existing stock ahead of the launch of the S II.

Amongst the torrent of Galaxy S-related deals currently on the market is one which offers you the phone for £29.99 with monthly payments of £20 per month over 18 months (T-Mobile via Buymobilephones).

The voice and text allowance itself is pitiful (100 minutes and 100 texts) but you still get unlimited internet booster and the ability to get a top notch phone for a grand total of £398 spread over 18 months; almost half the price of the Galaxy S II.

That's almost the same price as the SIM Free version of the phone, which means that at least one mobile phone operator is almost giving away free minutes, free texts and internet while heavily subsidising the cost of purchasing a Samsung Galaxy S.