Amazon Web Services Made Simple By CloudFormation

Amazon is looking to automate app deployment on Amazon Web Services by introducing CloudFormation, a new tool that automatically allocates resources needed to deploy an application on the cloud.

The company says the tool will let developers focus their attention on building great apps rather than spending time on deploying the app on the cloud.

Amazon explained in a blog post: “AWS is programmable, so it should be possible to build even complex systems (sometimes called “stacks”) using repeatable processes. Second, the dynamic nature of AWS makes people want to create multiple precise copies of their operating environment.”

CloudFormation has been designed to work across various Amazon Web Services platforms including EC2, Relational Database Service and Elastic Beanstalk.

The tool works in three stages. Firstly, the customer informs the tool about the resources that are needed for deploying a complex application on the cloud; the tool then figures out how to allocate the resources needed for the deployment; and finally, it uses pre-designed templates to create a cloud stack.

CloudFormation is now available and free to anyone buying AWS products. Customers are required by Amazon to sign up for their services which the tool supports.