Apple iPad 2 To Be Available At Launch

Apple may well start rolling out the iPad 2 shortly after it is unveiled at the event to take place in San Francisco in less than 48 hours.

Apple Insider cites "people familiar to the matter" in a report that suggests that customers should be able to buy the iPad 2 shortly after the press event on Wednesday 2nd of March.

More specifically, these sources say that Apple is "preparing several of its operating segments to perform functions" which amount to a full scale commercial roll out of the iPad 2, unlike what happened with the first version back in 2010.

Previous reports - especially those coming from Taiwan - have said that the iPad 2 would be in short supply after launch with Apple experiencing what it calls "production bottlenecks" linked to unexpected obstacles in the manufacture of the iPad 2.

Apple Insider also notes that the Wi-Fi iPad is likely to be the first one out of the docks because its roll out doesn't depend on any mobile phone operators.

There are currently three versions of the iPad tablets in the pipeline; the Wi-Fi only, a CDMA and a GSM version. Some expect that the GSM and CDMA versions will use the same Qualcomm Gobi baseband chip which would quicken their time to market.