Apple iPad 2 Will Have "Different Shape"

We've just received confirmation from one trusted Apple accessory manufacturer that the new iPad 2 will be physically different from the old one which might cause manufacturers to postpone product launches until the device is formally launched in 48 hours or so.

We were told that a particular Apple casing won't fit the iPad 2 as "it has a different shape" more specifically, it will have a "slightly larger screen and a thinner bezel"; this contradicts reports that have been leaked earlier that point to a bigger than average bezel.

We're not expecting the iPad to have a bigger screen as well but Apple might surprise us here; a different shape, combined with a larger screen and a thinner bezel would almost certainly mean that the iPad 2 would have a bigger diagonal, which in turn means that the screen might be HD Ready to match the competition.

A 1280x960 pixels therefore appears to be is a distinct possibility based on what our anonymous source told us; a slightly bigger size would put it on par with the likes of the Motorola XOOM or the HP Touchpad.

The Apple iPad 2 is expected to be launched this Wednesday and is widely tipped to come with a faster processor, a thinner chassis, better graphics, a different screen technology, Apple iOS 4.3 and few more additional goodies.