Facebook Writes New 'Easy To Understand' Privacy Policy

Social networking giant Facebook has simplified its privacy policy document in a bid to make it easier for users to see how Facebook handles their private data.

In a blog post, the company claims that their new privacy policy has been written for 'regular people', aimed at easily allowing people to see how information is used on Facebook and what their options are.

Facebook has long been criticised over is confusing privacy settings and policies that made it difficult for people to decide how to share information on the platform. The company simplified its privacy settings to some extent last year.

The new privacy polices have been re-written for people that have little or no legal know-how.

“Our own privacy policy has been criticized as being “5830 words of legalese” and "longer than the U.S. constitution – without the amendments." Okay, you're right. We agree that privacy policies can and should be more easily understood, and that inspired us to try something different,” the company said.

Their 'new principles' for writing policy include; it should be easy to understand, it should be visual and interactive and it should focus on questions Facebook users are most likely to ask. You can view the new 'easy to understand' Facebook privacy policy here.