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Fan's iPad 2 Render Fools Tech Websites Worldwide

A number of technology websites worldwide have been fooled by a picture created by an Apple fan which actually looks a lot like a previous mock-up that was leaked 48 hours ago by a Japanese Blog.

The normally reliable BGR published an image it received from an anonymous tipster showing what appears to be the iPad 2 complete with a rear facing camera, a redesigned speaker with a grill, a flat pack with tapered edges and a slightly different finish.

They confirmed later that the image was actually created by an Apple fan and was in no way an official render; this didn't prevent Techcrunch, Crunchgear, Gizmodo, BusinessInsider and many others from republishing the picture.

The picture, which can be found below, is very similar to the mock-up which the Japanese bloggers say was obtained directly from a factory manufacturing the real thing. It is also slightly different from the one that Jeremy Horwitz of iLounge, published last week.

The iPad 2 will be released in around 48 hours and is likely to come with a faster processor, better display technology, a thinner chassis, better GPU, the same battery and an altogether different operating system.