Gaikai Introduces New Streaming Game Trials

Gaming advertisement company Gaikai has gone live with its platform, which offers gamers the chance to try out new games on from its cloud based service.

Gaikai's new innovation, which wa unveiled on Friday, allows game publishers and developers to promote their games on the web by offering gamers the chance to play streaming trial versions in their browser.

David Perry, Gaikai CEO, claims that the company models itself on YouTube, by enabling developers and publishers to post trials of their games on any web page, similar to YouTube embedded videos.

“Nobody else in the world has achieved this kind of streaming performance directly into browsers, it's technically the most advanced interactive advertising unit in existence, and I'm incredibly proud of my team's accomplishments,” Perry said in a blog post.

Gaikai has been under development since 2008 and has received investments from Intel and Limelight Networks. As of now, the platform is offering game trials of Dead Space 2, Spore, and The Sims 3.