Local Government Cloud Take Up Shows Greater Agility

Local and state governments in the US are signing up for cloud computing services faster than their federal counterparts, a Microsoft executive has said.

In an interview with Information Week, Gail Thomas-Flynn, Microsoft's vice president of state and local government, said that local and state governments had more flexibility in adopting new technologies than the federal government.

Her comments come after Microsoft organised its annual Public Sector CIO Summit, where the company revealed that it had acquired 14 new cloud deals with local and state governments. Microsoft has been taking huge strides in offering its cloud computing services to the public sector.

The local authorities that have signed up for Microsoft's cloud include Andover, Minnesota, Virginia Beach, Chicago and Carlsbad in California. State level deals include those in Idaho and Colorado.

“I think state and local may be moving a little more quickly, especially at the local government level. There’s an opportunity to be a little more agile at the local government. I think the timing is right to consider these kinds of models both to reduce costs and make more predictable payment structures,” Thomas-Flynn told Information Week.

Microsoft launched its Government Cloud Application Center, showing cloud-based applications specifically for government customers, a year ago.