Microsoft Employees Encouraged To Develop Apps In Spare Time

Microsoft has relaxed moonlighting rules for employees by allowing them to create apps for the Windows Phone platform in their free time.

According to the company, the employees will be able to develop their own apps for the platform and will get to keep the revenue based on 70-30 revenue sharing with Microsoft.

Brandon Watson, director of developer experience for Windows Phone 7, told the New York Times that the company is encouraging more employees to develop for Windows Phone by organising weekly 'pizza parties' and plans on promoting their apps using posters and awards of recognition.

Unfortunately for developers if their apps don't make any money, they won't receive any compensation for their leisure time invested. Google has a company policy where employees can spend up to 20 per cent of their paid time on their own development projects.

Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 platform is a new entry to the smartphone arena which is largely dominated by Apple and Google. In order to succeed, a platform requires a large base of applications and an army of developers that make apps for the platform.

So far the company has had 3,000 applications from employees to develop new apps, with 840 having been published to date.