Microsoft offers sneak peek at future computing

Microsoft Chief Research and Strategy Officer Craig Mundie appears in a new video that looks to the future of computers and computing.

Mundie reckons that the fact that computers now have eyes, in the form of on-board cameras, will lead to the development of natural user interaction (NUI) which will eventually replace the graphical user interface (GUI) to which we have all become so familiar.

NUIs will take the lessons learned from Microsoft's Kinect controller and other gesture-based hardware to allow Minority Report-like control methods based on camera data, proximity sensors and accelerometers.

Mundie says that if we want to bring the world of computing into the lives of billions of people who currently don't know how to use them, we have to reduce the steepness of the learning curve. While he doesn't offer any other massive insights, the video below is worth a watch all the same.