Motorola To Sue TiVo Over DVR Technology Patent

Motorola has filed a lawsuit against TiVo, claiming that the company infringes on Motorola patents related to digital video recorder technology.

According to an article on The Wall Street Journal, Motorola claims that the patents infringed by TiVo were owned by a company which was later acquired by Motorola.

The lawsuit also mentions a patent infringement complaint filed by TiVo against Verizon Communications which offers a service that uses DVRs manufactured by Motorola. Motorola wants TiVo to declare that Motorola's DVRs don't infringe its patents.

“The TiVo patents disclose and claim the same technology that Imedia engineers invented years before. TiVo obtained patents on its DVR product and sued the industry,” Motorola said in its complaint.

TiVo is also fighting a long running legal battle with EchoStar and Dish Network related to its time-warp DVR technology. Software giant Microsoft has also filed a complaint with the FTC, asking it to ban TiVo from shipping its set-top boxes to the US.