Over A Million Hits For Gaddafi Youtube Dance Track

A video spoof of Libyan dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi created by an Israeli journalist has become an instant hit on YouTube garnering over a million views.

According to The New York Times, the clip was created by Noy Alooshe, an Israeli journalist and musician who lives in Tel Aviv.

He made the spoof from a video of Gaddafi last week in which he vowed to hunt down those responsible for the protests and declared that he will die in Libya. The Libyan leader's voice is set to the tune of the popular Pitbull song 'Hey Baby' and altered using auto tune, with a scantily clad lady dancing to the rhythm.

The video has been titled 'Zenga Zenga', owing to Gaddafi's repetition of the Arabic word Zanqa, which means alleyway in English.

A short while after Alooshe uploaded the video to YouTube and started promoting it on Twitter and Facebook, the video went viral and people poured in praise for Alooshe. When it was later discovered that he was an Israeli, some of the comments on his YouTube page became harsher,

On the whole, the video has been well received in the Arab world, though some were critical of the sexual nature of the woman dancing on the clip. Alooshe has had feedback from someone he assumes to be from the Libyan opposition stating that should Gaddafi fall they "will dance to 'Zenga Zenga' in the square".