Is Photo Of the Bigger Screen iPhone 5 A Fake?

The more we looked at the photo of that larger than life digitizer for the iPhone 5, the more we were convinced that it was nothing more than a retouched photo from someone who wanted to piggyback on an earlier report from the WSJ about a 4-inch Apple iPhone5.

You can find the EXIF data of the photo published by idealschina here which shows that the picture was pasted in Adobe Photoshop CS2 for Windows.

Below are the pictures of a proper OEM Apple iPhone 4 digitizer and the purported picture of the iPhone 5 digitizer. Even to an untrained eye, there are some significant differences.

The proportions are not right and the quasi-circular hole on the top (for the camera) could only be obtained by taking the picture almost perpendicularly to the object; the home button on the other hand appears to be more elliptical than it should be.

Ditto for the edges; the bottom one is a full 10mm shorter than the top one which doesn't match the perfect rectangular area where the front facing camera and the ear piece are located.

Our inhouse designer also pointed at some very curious colour differences and the lack of depth; there's also the fact that the picture has been downsized to only 500 pixels wide which makes a detailed analysis perilous.