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Saudi King To Acquire Facebook : A Big Fat Hoax

Tens of thousands of internet users and some mainstream media fell for a fake news story that reported that King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia had decided to buy Facebook for $150 billion in order to shut it down.

Satirical website Dawnwires wrote that the King was "very upset" with Mark Zuckerberg for allowing the platform to promote revolutionary ideas which have spread across the Middle East.

Apparently, the King had a meeting on the 25th of January with Zuckerberg where the latter promised that he would help control the so-called revolt.

The spoof story narrates how King Abdullah was left with no other option than to buy Facebook in order to clean out the weeds even if Facebook doesn't generate that much profit and fired all his advisors in the process.

The site claims that Goldman Sachs has been assigned the tasks of setting the wheels in action, having helped raised more than $500 million for the social networking website, with a valuation set at $50 billion.

Nearly 27,000 people shared the article on Facebook. with some commenters saying that "Our country has been sold out Enough,Their shouldn't be a price on Everything". Pity they didn't see the "Sunday Humour" tag.

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