Video confirms RIM PlayBook to get Android Apps

Persistent rumours that RIM's iPad-busting BlackBerry PlayBook tablet will be able to run Android apps have been given a healthy nudge in the right direction by the discovery of a previously unreleased video on YouTube.

The three-minute-44 second clip purports to show a RIM rep giving a punter a run-though of the PlayBook's features but things get interesting about 14 seconds in where those of us slightly hard of hearing might struggle to hear the heavily-accented booth body mutter "We'll also support Android apps".

The business-centric tablet runs RIM's own QNX operating system but is thought to be planning to use the same Java framework, called Dalvik, as Google's Android operating system to run games and the like.

We're not sure why the clip, which was shot at this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona week or so ago, has taken so long to come to light. It was unearthed by Crackberry after a tip from Twitter.

We're not entirely sure why RIM just doesn't come out and either confirm or deny the rumours about the PlayBook's ability to run Android apps, or otherwise. We can only speculate that something is not quite right with the Java implementation at this point and the company doesn't want to promise potential purchasers something it can't actually deliver.

We're pretty sure if the folks at RIM were able to offer Android apps without compromise, they would be crowing pretty loudly about it.