Vodafone suffers major network problem

Mobile phone network Vodafone suffered a major network failure in Basingstoke, which has had a dramatic effect on surrounding areas and over great distances too.

Vodafone had a break in at one of their technical facilities between 1 and 2am on Monday morning, which resulted in some specialised equipment being stolen and this loss of service.

The company issued a statement early this morning to the press, which explained and detailed there was a loss of voice, sms and internet services because of the theft.

Vodafone went on to assure customers that their personal data was still secure, where no information had been stolen as a result of the break in.

Another statement was issued later in the afternoon that backed the fact that they have been working to restore the lost services, with a message that reads: ‘Voice and text services are now working again and we expect the rest of our services to be operational by the end of the day'.

This network outage has had a massive cascading effect with the issue even hitting OneMobileRing's HQ in Bristol, over 60 miles away. Several hundred thousand Vodafone customers have now seen the blackout of services, all around the M4 corridor and either side too.

Originally published at OneMobileRing.com