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White Apple iPad 2 Available At Launch?

The picture of a white iPad 2 digitizer has been published online leading to speculation that such a colour will be available at launch, a move which would see it arrive on the market first, ahead of the white iPhone 4 (if it is ever launched).

9to5mac published the image which it received from the iFixYouri iPhone repair shop; they apparently received it from Shenzhen City in China where the iPad production is located.

Unlike the latter though, the white iPad 2 won't be affected by production issues because it won't have a rear camera with a flash; the bezel cutout however clearly shows that there will be a home button and a front facing webcam for video conferencing.

The frame doesn't appear to be thicker than usual and it looks as if Apple may have stuck for one more generation to a 4:3 screen ratio therefore ruling out any move to the more elegant and trendier 16:9 form factor.

The iPad 2 is set to be launched this Wednesday, March 2, and is expected to be thinner, faster (dual core Cortex A9 predicted), have two cameras and work, out of the box, on CDMA and GSM networks thanks to the new Qualcomm Gobi wireless modem. You can follow our coverage of the iPad 2 tablet here.

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