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Apple iPad 2 May Cause Monitor Panel Prices To Rise

The arrival on the market - within 48 hours - of the iPad 2 tablet may have a significant impact on the price of monitor panel especially if the device proves to be as successful as many expect.

In its 2011 Monitor Supply/Demand Forecast report published earlier last month, research company DisplaySearch said that monitor panel prices are likely to rise throught the end of Q3 2011 as manufacturers like Chimei Innolux, LG Display, Samsung Electronics and Cando corporation scramble to produce more panels to meet the demand for more large format screens.

Display research hinted at acute mobile phone display shortages and the rise of AMOLED amongst smartphones, both factors which will almost certainly induce a significant rise in panel prices as well.

The news comes two weeks after Digitimes reported that the launch of the iPad 2 could cause a massive shortage in the availability of touch panels worldwide as Apple has apparently ring-fenced nearly two-thirds of the global production capacity.

Apple reportedly wants to sell around 40 million iPad devices in the 2011, each of them with a 9.7-inch touch panel; furthermore, there has been speculation over the fact that the company may have earmarked nearly $8 billion to buy the entire production of Samsung's next generation Super Plane to Line (PLS) Switching Displays.