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CeBIT 2011 Debuts Today

CeBIT, the world's largest computer exposition, opens its doors today in Hanover, Germany around the theme "Work and Life with the Cloud".

This year also sees the arrival of Turkey as the expo's Partner Country with a contingent of more than 100 Turkish companies.

In total, 4200 exhibitors coming from 100 countries will be presenting their products and services over the next five days and organisers will hope that they will exceed last year's 334,000 visitors.

The best days of CeBIT however are gone though; back in 2001, it attracted more than 8000 exhibitors and up to 700,000 visitors; still numbers are up from the 200,000 all time low it reached back in 2007.

The popularity of the internet, which made some large scale exhibitions redundant and is widely credited to have killed Comdex, the fact that rise of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas which inaugurates the new year and the emergence of mobile technology (marked by the arrival en force of the Mobile World Congress) have had an impact on CeBIT.

This may explain why Computex Taipei and CeBIT will announce tomorrow a significant milestone and in their own words "shake hands and announce the partnering-up of their exhibitions".

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