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Cybercrime Seeing Acceleration In Growth Says Security Expert

The financial burden cast by cybercrime on the UK economy is set to rise significantly in the coming years, a cyber security expert has claimed on the back of a report by Kaspersky.

David Blackwell, director of cybersecurity at intelligence solutions provider Detica, said that as more and more individuals and businesses are relying on the internet for information and other services, the situation is being increasingly manipulated by cyber criminals for their own nefarious purposes.

“What we would obviously hope, is that as policy is developed and as defences are developed that will put a brake on the acceleration in that growth, and potentially even bring it down in the not too distant future, but certainly it's an underlying trend,” Blackwell said.

His comments come after internet security firm Kaspersky released a report which revealed that there were over 580 million attacks on consumers' PCs in 2010, eight times more than what was reported in 2009.

The expert, however, added that if the private sector and the government worked together to boost Britain's cyber security infrastructure, then the damage could be controlled. Detica had earlier released a report in which it had estimated that UK's economy will sustain damages of £27 billion from cybercrime in 2011.