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Gordon Brown stopped Jobs becoming 'Sir Steve'

Ex-Prime Minister Gordon 'Smiley' Brown stopped Apple's front man from becoming Sir Steve Jobs of Cupertino in a fit of pique.

Apparently, the chirpy Scot blocked Jobs from getting the honorary knighthood (you have to be a Brit to get a proper one) because Jobs snubbed an invite from the previous PM to speak at the Labour Party conference.

An unnamed former Labour MP, who put Jobs forward for the gong for services to technology - no doubt in the hope that he might get bunged a few bits of free Apple hardware - spilled the beans to the UK's Telegraph newspaper today.

Apparently Apple was aware of the proposal, which got all the way to Number 10 before being rejected at the eleventh hour by the petulant PM.

Currently unemployed ex-Microsoft employee Bill Gates 3.0 got to kneel in front of a sword-wielding Queen to collect his honorary knighthood in 2005, which must have given Jobs the major hump.

Before you all start writing in, we know recipients of honorary knighthoods don't officially get to call themselves 'Sir', but it doesn't stop everyone calling one Robert Geldof 'Sir Bob', does it?