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Government Targets Scam Email With Fraud Authority Scheme

Action Fraud has launched a new online fraud reporting service that will let users forward scam emails to the organisation so that the police can analyse the emails for further action.

The organisation, a part of the National Fraud Authority, is the government's fraud reporting centre that works towards thwarting online fraud. Users can forward scam emails to the following address:

The emails forwarded will be sent to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau run by the City of London Police for further collation and analysis. The NFIB will use the intelligence gathered for nailing down online fraudster and closing down the links between them and online users.

Dr Bernard Herdan, CEO of the National Fraud Authority, who is also in charge of Action Fraud, said, “This is the first time we have been able to collect and analyse scam mail and emails in this way. Collecting intelligence is the key to us being able to disrupt the activities of fraudsters and target their networks for closure.”

Security software vendor Sophos dubbed the new email forwarding scheme as 'lossy', explaining that in forwarding the email, the very information that helps in tracking down who is behind the email and how the scam is being is run, is lost.