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Jonathan Ive Could Be Next James Dyson

Jonathan Ive, the man who was tasked with designing the iMac, the iPhone and the iPad, could well follow the footsteps of another uber-famous English industrial designer, James Dyson.

The man, who invented the Dual Cyclone bagless vacuum cleaner which bears its name, is first and foremost an engineer who persevered when every major manufacturer shut their doors to his revolutionary idea.

He chose to set up his own manufacturing company instead and not only became a household name in the United Kingdom but also became a billionaire (in Pound Sterling) in the process.

Like Dyson, Ive also studied industrial design and has been granted more than 300 design patents, establishing itself as one of the most influential designers of our times.

What his next move will be remains to be seen; Ive could easily stop work and spend time with his wife and twins instead.

He could also take on some consultancy part time job, open a design consultancy, if he wanted to or explore the lucrative celebrity guest speakers circuit.

The worst that could happen for Apple though is if Ive brings his exceptional design flair to one of its competitors; one who wouldn't mind him teleworking from the UK. We suspect that at least one Chinese company and one Korean company may be tracking him as a potential partner.