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New Apple Screen Lock Resembles Android Gesture System

Apple is reportedly planning to implement a new screen lock on iOS devices which resembles the one used by Google's Android OS.

According to an article on 9 to 5 Mac, Apple is working on a new gesture-based screen locking system that is similar to the 'dots' system used in Android.

The technology allows users to set a gesture pattern, which is required to be entered every time someone wants to access the device. Apple currently uses a simple number locking system on iOS devices which lets users unlock the device by entering a code.

It has not yet been confirmed whether Apple will be implementing the technology on its iOS devices, but 9 to 5 Mac has learned that Apple has already started using their new lock screen on some internal applications. These are only accessible through the AppleConnect application for iOS based devices that lets employees access internal Apple content and services.

Google probably has patented the gesture-based screen lock so it won't likely be appearing on iOS devices any time in the near future. However, Apple will be bringing the new locking screen to its new iPod based point-of-sale system EasyShare, which is currently being tried in some Old Navy retail stores.