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Ofcom Calls For End To Misleading Broadband Speed Ads

UK's Advertising Standards Authority has been asked to ban ISPs from advertising broadband speeds with the 'up to' prefix.

The Communications Consumer Panel (CCP), a part of communications regulator Ofcom, has advised the ASA to put an end to misleading advertisements about the broadband speeds that they are offering to consumers.

The CCP said that the practice of using the 'up to' pre-fix was no longer credible and sustainable and was causing consumers to be sceptical towards broadband services. The ASA has been asked to come up with certain ways to ensure consumers are not misled by ISPs. One such measure suggested by the CCP was stating minimum broadband speeds for at least half of an ISP's customers.

According to influential consumer magazine Which?, another measure that has been suggested to the ASA is that the speeds advertised by the ISPs should be available to 10 per cent of their customers.

ASA's Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) has finished consulting with ISPs and regulators about the new broadband advertising standards and is expected to publish a report soon.

'Which?' broadband expert Ceri Stanaway said, “One thing's certain based on all the feedback we receive from consumers - the way broadband speed is currently advertised simply isn't transparent enough and often leaves broadband customers feeling misled and shortchanged.”