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Scythe confirms UK launch for Susanoo heatsink

If you're looking for a heatsink that takes up as much room as possible, you've possibly seen the Scythe Susanoo - and if you've been wanting one ever since, the news that it's coming to the UK later this month will be welcome.

The Scythe Susanoo is the perfect example of the Texan school of engineering: if anything can be created, it can be created bigger - and there's no such thing as too much.

With that design ethos in mind, the cooling specialist has come up with a beast of a heatsink. Featuring a dual-block design with twelve copper heatpipes, the metal alone is impressive - but Scythe has gone one further. More accurately, it's gone four further.

The Susanoo includes four 100mm fans spread out across its main cooling surface, pushing air down through the fins on the main block and onto the secondary block located directly above the processor - a layout the company claims offers incredible cooling power.

With all four fans running flat out, Scythe claims the Susanoo can shift over 200 cubic feet of air per minute - and at a respectable volume of 37.69dBA to boot.

This beast of a cooler, which measures 210mm x 210mm x 160mm, has previously only been available as an import item - but a company spokesperson present at CeBIT 2011 confirmed to thinq_ that the Susanoo will be heading to UK shores later this month.

Sadly, we're still in the dark on pricing - but given the size of the cooler and the sheer amount of metal involved in its creation, expect it to be sat firmly at the premium end of the air-cooling market.