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SocialEyes Video Chat App Comes To Facebook

RealNetworks co-founder Rob Glaser has come up with a new app that allows users to conduct video chats with their friends on Facebook.

SocialEyes was introduced at the DEMO Spring 2011 conference in Palm Desert, California, the web app allows users to have video conversations with up to 9 Facebook friends at one time.

The feature, which has an Apple Facetime-like interface, accesses some basic Facebook information to let users conduct video chat with friends or those belonging to Facebook Groups and Pages.

According to Glaser, who has co-founded SocialEyes along with Rob Miller, who is a former senior vice president for music products at RealNetworks, the app is comprised of four basic elements: Flash video, Facebook Social Graph, a group system that allows people to connect with like-minded people and a Twitter-like information feed.

“Users can join or start as many groups as they like so they can easily connect to like-minded individuals around common interests, hobbies, Facebook networks, families or anything else. It's easy to join a group by searching for a topic or joining one of the recommended groups,” the company said.

The service, which was demoed within Facebook as an app, is available for Facebook as of now, and has the capability to support other social networking platforms in the near future.