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Steam games coming soon to a TV near you

Game delivery outfit Valve has hinted that you could soon be able to play Steam titles on your living room TV.

The company, which has changed the way Mac and PC games are distributed and played, will unveil its plans for what it is calling 'Big Picture Mode' at the Game Design Conference in San Fransisco this week according to PC Mag.

It's not clear how the new technology will work at the moment as details are few and far between but reports say it will feature TV freindly navigation and could use the sets' own remote to control gameplay.

"Big picture mode will enable gamers to enjoy Steam and their library of Steam games on more screens throughout the house," the company said.

Steam has already branched out from its PC origins to include tha Mac and even the PS3 with the release of Portal 2 on the Sony platform.

With the convergence between TVs and PCs continuing apace, Steam games could soon be played using on-board hardware, but for now it seems like the company intends to leverage existing technology to stream video signals to other screens.

"With Big Picture Mode, gaming opportunities for Steam partners and customers become possible via PCs and Macs on any TV or computer display in the house," the statement read.

As soon as we have more we'll let you know.