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Actual Broadband Speeds Below Half Those Advertised Report Shows

A new report released by UK telecom watchdog Ofcom has revealed that broadband consumers get less than half the speeds that are advertised by internet service providers.

According to The Guardian, data released by the regulator informs that an average UK broadband user, who has got a super-fast internet connection, is getting speeds of only 6.2 Mbps, less than half the 13.8 Mbps speed advertised by the ISPs.

Ed Richards, Ofcom's chief executive, said in a statement “The research shows that ISPs need to do more to ensure they are giving customers clear and accurate information about the services they provide and the factors that may affect the actual speeds customers will receive.”

Ofcom's report is based on performance tests carried out on 1,700 homes with access to super-fast broadband across the UK. The regulator considered 11 broadband packages offered by seven of the largest ISPs in the UK including TalkTalk and Virgin Media.

The report comes after Ofcom advised the Advertising Standards Authority to ban ISPs from advertising misleading broadband speeds to UK consumers. Particularly, Ofcom wants ISPs to stop luring customers by advertising speeds using the 'up to' prefix.

ASA's committee of advertising practice (CAP) is currently in consultation with the broadcast committee of advertising practice (BCAP) to lay the laws for fair advertisements by the ISPs. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.