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Amazon Germany drops giant iPad2 clanger

Amazon Germany has stolen a little of Apple's thunder by prematurely listing the forthcoming iPad 2 just hours before its announcement.

The listing, which was spotted by an eagle-eyed reader of Your Daily Apple, shows a picture of what appears to be the current model next to a brief spec list for the iPad 2.

Needless to say, the hapless admin who posted the listing pulled it soon afterwards.

Confirming at least some of our predictions, the €499 16GB iPad 2 will come with a 1.2Ghz processor, maintain its 9.7-inch screen size, have at least one camera and feature a Thunderbolt port for HD video out and connection to other high speed peripherals.

The biggest shock, however is that the Second Coming of Apple's pioneering tablet will be available in just two weeks, on March 17th.

Check out out live blog from 6pm UK time for the real deal if you're not willing to take Amazon's word for it.