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Apple Cuts iPad Prices Ahead Of iPad 2 Launch

Apple has slashed the price of the iPad minutes after the iPad 2 had been launched with dispatched times expected to be as little as one day and prices starting as little as £329, a £110 discount compared to the price of the iPad 2.

The 16GB non 3G will cost £329, the 32GB non 3G £399 and the 16GB 3G, £429. However, the 64GB non 3G and the 32GB 3G are still on sale for £612 while the 64GB 3G can be had for a whopping £714.

It is likely that there are still plenty of stocks remaining for first three stock keeping units while stocks for the last three are almost already depleted.

Strangely enough, trying to refresh the Apple store page sometimes gives a completely different set of pricing. £439, £510 and £479 for the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB Wi-Fi only models while the 3G versions cost £541, 612 and £579 respectively.

Apple's Steve Jobs launched the iPad 2 one hour ago and said that the tablet would be still be priced in line with the previous generation.

There are only a few differences between the iPad 2 and the iPad; the processor is now an A5, there's a better GPU, an optional magnetic cover and HDMI accessory, iOS 4.3, a front facing and rear camera, it is much lighter but keeps the same size and form factor.