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Apple iPad 2 Launched By Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs donned his black shirt and blue jeans to present the new iPad 2 which comes with a few major improvements compared to the existing iPad tablet.

The iPad 2 will cost the same as the older one (the price of the iPad has been slashed at least in the UK) but brings some noticeable improvements.

The system on chip has been improved significantly, there's now a dual core A5 which has the same TDP as the A4. It is twice as fast and comes with a GPU that's nine times faster than the older one.

The storage capacities are still the same and Jobs did not reveal the amount of onboard memory. The screen and the battery have also remained the same.

The chassis however is now lighter by 15 percent and the thickness has been slashed to 8.9mm, which is thinner than the iPhone 4 and significantly thinner than the previous version.

Other features include a VGA front facing camera and a HD ready rear one, black and white versions, a magnetic "smart cover", iOS 4.3, CDMA and GSM version available from launch and HDMI.

But the thing that made us the most happy was to see that Steve Jobs was still in good shape. For more analysis of the iPad 2 launch including the implications for the Apple iPhone 5, check with us tomorrow.