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Cross-platform gaming scores a world first

It's not unusual for modern games to get a cross-platform release on a couple of gaming systems at a time nowadays - but one game developer has reset the bar with a game that's playable simultaneously over five different technologies at once.

Reverb Publishing and Trendy Entertainment have announced today that the iOS and Android versions of Dungeon Defenders will soon be joined by PC, Sony PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions.

Let us just make the point once more. This isn't a simultaneous release of a game which has been ported to five different platforms, it's a game which can be played simultaneously in multi-player mode using any combination of those five, which is a first as far as we know.

"We're doing things now that we've dreamed about doing for years," said Jeremy Stieglitz, COO and co-founder of Trendy Entertainment. "The industry is inevitably moving towards platform-agnostic interconnectivity for multiplayer and anytime/anywhere access to in-game content. Companies have trained us to expect such access with our music, our photos and any online media, pretty much everything. It's only natural for us to give gamers the ability to play Dungeon Defenders online, anywhere they want, whatever their platforms of choice."

Based on the Unreal Engine, the game(s) use Gamespy Technology's cross-platform online services including multi-player matching and data tracking