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Firm delivers App that cuts out App Stores

Antenna Software has announced an app that allows other apps to be delivered to iPhone and Android devices without having to go through an App store.

Called Volt, the application governs multiple web applications built on standard web technologies such as HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. Once activated, the application allows mobile apps and content to be securely published to the device.

It means administrators - and the app is primarily aimed at businesses - can bypass app stores by using Volt to distribute and manage branded web apps directly to their users.

According to Jim Hemmer, president and CEO of Antenna, many smartphone users "are asking, 'Why can’t I find, purchase, and use my apps for work the same way I do my personal apps?’”

He reckons: "Volt answers this call by enabling companies to take control of how they deliver mobile experiences to their users – even on personally-owned devices. This allows companies to change the game: Not only can they embrace the latest web technologies to build compelling apps, but also they can provide a cohesive and organised structure for provisioning and decommissioning those apps to employees and workgroups – it’s less risk to the brand and much more satisfying to the user.”

Developers can also use HTML5, CSS and JavaScript to build Volt apps that can run across all Volt client devices. Volt also offers native device integration, such as camera, GPS, barcode scanning and document viewing.

Third-party app developers can build apps on Volt to be approved by either Antenna or the enterprise for publishing through Volt. The Volt client becomes the channel by which Volt apps – created as web apps – are published to the device.

The application is available on Apple iPhone and Google Android platforms and can be downloaded from the Apple iTunes App Store and Android Market.