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Follow Us For Our Live Apple iPad 2 Launch Coverage

2019 That's it for us for now. Thanks for spending the last 90 minutes with us and keep following us. A number of follow up articles will be published over the next 24 hours dissecting the event.

2018 We've also noticed some weird oddities in the Apple Store which is back now. Click here and see whether it display £329 for the WiFi version as it did for us? Just refresh the page to find out.

2017 So, the end... Just to recap. Incremental changes, CPU and GPU change. iOS upgrade but nothing else

2013 Looks like if we're wrapping up here. Jobs is on stage delivering a clear statement of intent to the audience. Hardware and software need to be intertwined more than they do on a PC.

2011 TBH, we're slightly disappointed. Apple has done just enough to match the competition. What's more the A5 is what will interest us the most. Also, we're not sure whether the RAM is going to be increased or not.

2010 Showing video of the iPad now. Loads of pictures to examine very, very closely.

2009 Finally! Showing a full 360 degrees of the iPad 2 and just to confirm, the iPad 2ill will come with some sort of attachment facilitator (can't get the words for it) for the cover accessory.

2007 So will you be buying an iPad 2? Let us know. Anyhow, we will be queuing to get it as usual ;-)

2006 Apple Store is STILL down... Come on guys! OMG, Jony Ive, SVP design at Apple is on the screen!

2004 Steve is back. Recapping the whole thing. Dunno whether there will be a "one more thing". He didn't say anything about older iPad as well.

2003 Just to confirm, same cameras as iPod Touch. front VGA and 720p at the back. From the Press release. We had it right ;-) Again....

2000 iOS 4.3 will be compatible with 3GS. Just to confirm. They are still talking about Garaband onstage. No update about the number of iOS apps downloaded.

1900 One more hour to stay in the press center here in Hanover. They're closing at 2100 German time and we're moving to Nvidia Party after that ;-)

1858 160 million iOS devices worldwide with more than 100 million iPhone ones

1857 Confirmed iPad HDMI does audio and video.

1855 Looking at press release now. Screen hasn't change. PR says "same stunning 9.7-inch LED-backlit LCD screen". So still IPS. I wonder what did they do to make the device 33 per cent thinner without touching the screen

1853 The press releases are out : iPad 2, iOS 4.3 and Random House

1852 Soooooo, rumours about production issues and the likes were likely to be unfounded. Shipping to 23 countries within 14 days is a pretty bold statement of the available iPad 2 stock.

1851 Next app is Garage Band for those into it. 350 loops, eight track, compatible with Mac, touch instruments.

1850 My keyboard is working again!

1849 Apple iOS 4.3 will be available for download on March 11th, same day as iPad 2. iMovie to cost $4.99.

1847 Not sure whether they will be announcing anything else on the iPad. No SD Card or USB port on that baby BTW and retina display is not a no-no since it was not mentioned.

1845 iMovie is out on the iPad. with a number of new features like precision editor, multi track audio recording, new themes, airplay to Apple TV etc

1842 Steve Jobs is back again. Apologies for the slightly longer posting time. Some letters on my laptop are no longer working in Chromium. Have to type, copy and paste in Notepad.

1841 The only Apple devices without Facetime now are the Apple TV and the Macbook Pro. Have a hunch that they may be the next to go after the Xserve.

1840 iPad now has Facetime, bringing it in line with the iPad, the iPod Touch, the MacBook and the iMac.

1839 To the few hundreds of users on the website watching this pseudo live blog, please share your thoughts with me via the comments section or by email. Simples!

1837 iOS adds personal hotspot feature to iPhone 4 as well as Photobooth.

1835 Now turning to iOS 4.3. New JS engine, Nitro, iTunes Home Sharing which allows you to connect to your content via WiFi and Airplay Improvements. Pheeeewwww... BTW that Scott Forstall on stage, Steve's gone for now

1833 F*** that. Apple iPad 2 has the grill thing!!!! The speaker grill is clearly visible in one of the slides. But no Thunderbolt port as far as I can see.

1832 Apple stores still down, PR still not published. Dunno whether it will be compatible with Apple iPad uno.

1830 The Smart Cover reminds me of some designs seen before. iPad accessory manufacturers are likely to take that very badly. It is made of polyurethane or leather.

1829 Jobs talking about "smart covers" now. Apple shares up by 1 per cent. Smart cover is cover for glass when you remove it, iPad switches on, sticks with magnets.

1828 Apple PR department still hasn't published the Press release. Come'on guys!

1827 Apple's shares are slightly up at the time of writing. The iPad 2 will include a HDMI out dongle accessory up to 1080- it will also support rotation and you can charge simultaneously.

1826 Last to be announced first to ship. The iPad 2 to ship in the US on friday 11th March with shipping to 26 more countries on the 25th of March

1825 Amazon earlier listing likely to be false. Same six SKU as before. Same price points. Well done Apple!

1824 Apple has yet to publish the official press release for the tablet. The iPad will come with a 10-hour battery life with a month on Standby. Our predictions have been right. The prices stay the same.

1823 The iPad 2 is thinner than the iPhone and will ship in black and white and in CDMA and GSM from day one

1822 It is also f***ingly thinner at 8.8mm, 33 per cent thinner and weighs only 1.3 pounds, against the 1.5 pounds for the iPad v1.

1821 It has a front facing and a rear camera with a built in Gyrosope just like the iPhone and the iPod Touch.

1820 A5, dual core processors, 2x faster CPU, 9x faster graphics, same TDP as A4 and first dual tablet to ship volume.

1818 iPad 2 out with new design. Bam!

1816 Video of iPad shows doctor with tablet. Apple clearly moving towards other territories here. Bye bye consumer, hello public sector (and egov and corporate).

1815 Some comments about the Honeycomb comparison; some are saying that pitting the two together is not right. Honeycomb is not launched and you don't need to code for it specifically.

1813 Hmmmm Looks like Gizmodo has been banned from Apple events. Obviously, the iPhone 4 leak was the cause. They're doing a meta liveblog just like us.

1811 65000 apps have been developed for the iPad specifically, that's a lot. Honeycomb in comparison has only 100 apps in all. Video of iPad is streamed.

1810 More than $9.5 billion in revenue with more than 90 per cent of the Market. (ed: The Samsung Galaxy Tab and the ZTE V9 are very distant second and third.)

1809 So it is official, Apple is a mobile company now. Kind of. More than 15 million iPads sold in 2010 in nine month, more than every Tablet PC ever sold and by far the number one on the market.

1808: focus shifting to Apple iPad now, what Jobs calls its magical and revolutionary device at an unbelievable price. He mentions that most of their revenue comes from the iPod, the iPad and the iPhone

1807: More than 100 million iPhone devices shipped worldwide.

1806: (Didn't know German radio played such nice songs). 200 million iTunes accounts already with more than $2bn given to developers. Takes a dig at Amazon for not publishing figures.. Never acknowledge your competitors, Steve.

1805: 2500 publishers in the iBookstore, Random House bringing 17,000 books. More than 100m books downloaded in less than 12 months.

1804 : Steve has a black shirt with long sleeves rather than a turtleneck one and his jeans appear to be looser than usual.

1803 : Nothing much happening right now. Voice over asks for device to be put in silent mode. Steve Jobs comes on the stage... He seems to be doing fine

1800 : This live coverage will be followed immediately by a number of articles analysing the iPad 2. More will come tomorrow.

1759 : 60 seconds on our watch here in Hanover at Cebit. Funnily enough there's a press party downstairs in the press center building

1756 : This page will be updated as and when new announcements are published. Four minutes till the event officially starts.

Don't forget to follow us live for the coverage of the Apple event later today when the iPad 2 is widely tipped to be launched with a surprise "one more thing" announcement more than likely.

While we can't make it to the event (the team is currently in Germany covering CeBIT 2011), we will be working overtime to ensure that our readers get the full coverage and analysis of the launch.

Apple has already taken down its online stores ahead of the launch, which confirms that this will be a product rather than a service extravaganza.

Amazon earlier today revealed accidentally that the 3G, 16GB version of the Apple iPad 2 will cost 499 Euros, will come with a Thunderbolt port, a 1.2GHz processor, a camera, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and stick to the same 9.7-inch screen.

We also published our analysis of what GPU and CPU the iPad 2 might have at launch, bearing in mind that Apple is likely to keep the same hardware setup for the Apple iPhone 5 for development and economies of scale reasons.

Over the next few minutes, we will also publish photos of the latest leaks that have surfaced online. In the meantime, why not have a quick look at our extensive coverage of the iPad 2 over the last six months as we count down together the last few hours before the launch.