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iPad 2 technical specs hot off the press

Apple has announced the iPad 2 and there are few surprises in store.

The more-major-than-expected update gets a brand new dual-core A5 SoC which the company says has a CPU that is twice as fast as the prvisous chip and graphics that deliver pixesl up to nine times faster graphics.

It's much the same size from the front but - much like Jobs himself - 33 per cent slimmer, despite cramming in two cameras, a gyroscope and the ability to output HDMI video using a $30 dongle.

The iPad 2 starts at the US same price of $499 and will be available in black or white from launch, which is on March 11th.

Apple's mobile operating system has also had a face-lift with addition of lots of new Face Time functions, Photo Booth and Personal Hotspot for the iPhone 4.