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Julian Assange Makes Application To Trademark His Name

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has filed documents to trademark his name for use in 'public speaking services' and 'entertainment services'.

The trademark application was filed by his London based law firm Finers Stephens Innocent on February 14th. If the trademark is granted then Assange will own the use of his name in “news reporter services", "journalism", "publication of texts other than publicity texts" and "education services".

According to PC Mag, Assange has also filed applications for trademarking WikiLeaks and its logo.

The news comes at a time with Assange is trying to avoid being extradited to Sweden to face charges of sexual assault and rape. The courts have already allowed the extradition but Assange has filed an appeal. A decision on the appeal will be announced on Thursday March 3rd.

Assange is wanted in Sweden for more questioning but has not been charged. He was arrested in the UK after a Swedish judge issued an European arrest warrant, with the defendant claiming the European arrest warrant system had 'run amok'.

Abida Chaudri, an associate of trademark attorneys Grant Spencer told The Guardian, “I suspect the application is more to do with his going it alone and using his WikiLeaks website to publish material, as opposed to somebody else pretending to be Julian Assange, which is probably unlikely.”